Building a tribe, one new market at a time.


From the very beginning The Goodship had visions of being much more than a recreational edible marijuana business. Founded by Starbucks, Nike and REI veteran and entrepreneur Jody Hall, The Goodship was born with a mission:

To bring the good people of this world closer together.

    What We Did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Website
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Photography

Pot brownies for grown ups

How could we engender trust in a notorious market?

From inception, The Goodship was looking to be more than a product. The purpose was to create an edible cannabis brand that ran counter to the prevailing pothead aesthetic. Something that was approachable, friendly and above all, professional and trustworthy. Research supported The Goodship’s supposition that the illegal and poorly regulated medical marijuana markets had left consumers wary of edibles. We aimed to change that

The user experience of packaging design.

Since the original refresh early in 2016, Rupert has helped Goodship grow from eight to close to 30 SKUs. The brand has become the flagship symbol for a new, professional class of cannabis marketers and in 2017 was acquired by an international cannabis-focused private equity firm.

The science around legal cannabis evolves daily. When Rupert refreshed the Goodship packaging, building on the strong foundation established by Mint, we did so with an eye toward future extraction technology, and product improvements. The design system helps retailers and customers easily navigate products and leaves room for new products to roll out without breaking down.