Big Shrimpy

The toughest, cuddliest brand around.


Makers of incredibly durable and environmentally friendly dog beds, Big Shrimpy grew their business through hard work and word of mouth, without much investment in marketing or brand. But as the business grew, it became increasing clear:

It was time for Big Shrimpy to grow up. 

    What We Did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Website
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Photography

Built with integrity and sustainability.

The first Big Shrimpy beds were made with discarded polar fleece scraps.

The makers of Big Shrimpy built their brand on the sustainability and integrity of their product. The products are exceptionally well made and thoughtful, not just in their design and manufacturing, but in terms of their impact on the planet as well. In fact, their first products were made with polar fleece scraps found in the dumpster behind a local outdoor clothing manufacturer.

A brand to match an ethos.

Any Whole Brand for Big Shrimpy had to be a reflection of its two founders, Bruce and Cici; plainspoken, honest and passionate about protecting the planet and its open spaces. We chose a sturdy font that could hold up to the bold claims we were going to make and looked to minimize waste wherever we could, both in paper and design.

Amplifiable, modular design.

The design system can be rearranged or expanded as new products and features demand.

The logo was designed to communicate durability and the products' modular design. To reinforce this concept and help customers understand and navigate the products, we created a system of icons that illustrate key benefits or materials and provide a basis for product comparisons within the Big Shrimpy portfolio. Moving forward, we'll continue to add icons as new products and technologies are developed.