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Orange is our flag. We wave it proudly.


Vertafore is a leading software provider for insurance industry. When a new CEO took over the company, they asked Rupert to help evolve the logo and make the brand look and feel like a modern technology company.

For Vertafore the logo was just the beginning.

    What We Did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Advertising
  • Visual Identity
  • Photography
  • Social Media

Change comes with baggage.

Repeated changes led one exasperated customer to compare the brand to a teenager leaving engine pieces in the driveway.

Originally founded in 1969, Vertafore had recently and rapidly grown through acquisition. The purpose of these acquisitions became clear when Vertafore release the Vertafore Agency Platform, a product that promised to integrate a half a dozen business-critical applications into a single, unified experience. But first there were some challenges to overcome.

Awareness went from zero to 39% in just one year.

The press was eager to talk about the new product and customers lined up to be the first to implement the Platform.

With a new CEO in place, a new focus on agility and user-experience, and a breakthrough product in the works—it was time to make some noise. Working closely with marketing teams at Vertafore’s offices around the country, we came out with the Choose Orange campaign, which drew attention to the new brand while boldly proclaiming the Platform as a revolutionary step forward in insurance technology. 

The success was immediate. 

37% conversion rate on product demo inspires powerful campaign.

The Platform was so new, so innovative; it was hard for most customers to really grasp. It represented an entirely different way of working. In talking to the sales teams and looking at the data, the strategy was clear— we had to get them to look at the product. 

The results: Vertafore had originally hoped to drive 1800 demos. Instead we drove a total of 2400 demos and contributed to more than $9 Million in pipeline sales in Q1 alone.