What are agencies for? Ideally, you are looking for an outside perspective from experienced marketers, artists and analysts. If that’s you, then this is Rupert.

Hello. We are Rupert.

Rupert is a brand, advertising and design firm based in Seattle. We help our clients uncover insights, organize communications and articulate their messages. We create brands and campaigns that speak to audiences in ways they intuitively understand; that feel right. We do it with integrity and without ego, focusing solely on what will work for our clients and connect with their audiences.

It’s about people. Here are some of ours.

Jesselle Benson is the studio director at Rupert. Her job is make sure projects move on-time and on-budget and to communicate often and clearly so that our clients are never surprised (in a bad way).

Noah Tannen is the president & founder at Rupert. His job is to make sure we get our clients what they’ve asked for and that we suggest better ideas when we have them.

Strategy & Consulting

Messaging platforms, customer research, media strategy. The underpinnings of great marketing.

Brand & Advertising

Big ideas concisely put. Emotions and images applied to convey emotional and rational content.

Creative Services

Websites, packaging, videos, animations, tradeshow booths, e-books and interfaces; wherever your brand is touched.

When all of the above comes together and integrates seamlessly with your audience and culture, that's what we call a Whole Brand.